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MBOX Series
Distribution assemblies for construction site [IP66]


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  • MBOX2 Series
    Distribution assemblies for construction site [IP66] [SIZE 2]
  • MBOX3 Series
    Distribution assemblies for construction site [IP66] [SIZE 3]
  • MBOX5 Series
    Distribution assemblies for construction site [IP66] [SIZE 5]




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  656 Serie MBOX 2 Group D4: Gruppo: D4
  657 Serie MBOX 3 Group D4: Gruppo: D4
  658 Serie MBOX 5 Group D4: Gruppo: D4

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MBOX boards are made in shock resistant and selfextinguishing materials and are particularly suitable for the supply of electric power at any yards with average installed power of up to 18kW.

The extremely compact and handy enclosure makes MBOX Series panels especially suitable for temporary electric maintenance and operations requiring continuous movements of the company to different yards.

This is the “board” par excellence that any construction company and electric installation company should have as basic equipment.



This panel consists of a socket housing enclosure provided in two versions:

Version 1:
• Possible installation of up to 4 interlocked recessed sockets belonging to the OMNIA Series, 16A and 32A, with or without fuses

Version 2:
• Possible installation of up to 6 EUREKA 16A and 32A EUREKA recessed sockets.

Made for:

• transportation,
• wall installations,
• stand installations
• turret installations.

Available size:

MBOX2 - 432x365x290mm

Numerous combinations of already cabled sockets and ready for use ensure great reliability when used to meet the most common requirements for installation at construction sites and equipped areas such as camping, harbors or outdoor areas in general.



MBOX panels are made in engineering resin suitable for outdoor installations, gray RAL 7035 colored and provided with high mechanical sturdiness, good resistance to impacts and excellent dimensional stability even at high temperatures.

Working Temperatures:
- according to the reference standard: from -25°C to +40°C
- maximum working temperature: +60°C
- excellent resistance to bad weather
- high resistance to UV rays

According to IEC 60695-2-1 (Glow-Wire Test): 650°C.

Mineral fats and oils, naphtha, alcohols, inorganic-saltbased water solutions, inorganic weak acids, alkaline solutions.

Moderate Resistance:
halogen-based hydrocarbons, strong oxidizing agents, gasoline and benzol, in particular at high temperatures.
Degree of protection IP66 (with assembled panel)
Complete Insulation

Compliance with Standards:
EN 60439-1 - EN 60439-4



Suitable for any use at small and medium-dimensioned construction sites, MBOX panels are also used within the heavy industry and in the agricultural sector and at all sites requiring special resistance to impacts, chemical and atmospheric agents.

MBOX2 actually creates a new segment as it is intended for construction sites and its versatility, small dimensions, transportability and sturdiness make it suitable for any maintenance and installation at small sites. Any installation company should have one available always as it could cheaply and safely solve lots of problems and situations where emergency equipment are required.



It is provided with a specific lateral central unit to house protection devices (automatic and differential switches) capable of containing 16 DIN gangs subdivided into two lines of 8 DINs each one.

General protection is obtained by means of an automatic magneto-thermal switch and 30mA differential protection.

Power Supply:
The panel is provided with 16A or 32A unfixed socket and corresponding power supply cable (2 m). The socket allows quick and safe connections of the panel to the power supply at the construction site by the personnel in charge.
However, versions cabled up to the terminal board are available so to provide a more flexible electrical connection by skilled installers. For further information, contact SCAME Technical Info Dept.



1 - Cable Input
With breakable input and M32x1.5 or M25x1.5 cable gland and breakable M16x1.5 for grounding cable.

2 - Connecting Socket and 2m Cable
The panel can be provided with an unfixed 16A or 32° socket. The unfixed socket allows making quick and safe connections of the panel to the electric power supply.

3 - Terminal Board
The panel is provided with a space housing a main 16 mm2 - 5 poles power terminal board which can only be accessed by means of specific tools from the right frontal side of the panel for safety reasons. Even if cabling is easy, we recommend that MBOX panel connections are only made by skilled personnel.

4 - Cable Fastener
Connecting cables are provided with cable fasteners so to avoid that any mechanical stress on cable can affect any efficiency of the electric connection to the panel terminals.

5 - Anchoring
The back side of panel is equipped with wall fixing brackets; such brackets are provided separately as optional accessories (these are equipped with the supply in the versions with terminal boards).

6 - Transport
The upper side is provided with a disappearing handle for transporting the panel after the power supply has been disconnected, considering that it is dangerous to move the panel when energized.

7 - Rating Plate
The features referring to each MBOX panel manufactured by SCAME are reported on specific plates.

8 - Documentation
Each MBOX is provided with paper holders containing the declaration of conformity with the standards in force and the wiring diagram. You are recommended to keep in it a copy of the declaration of conformity referring to the electric system that shall be prepared by the qualified installer, together with a copy of any design and diagrams of the electric system, if needed.

9 - Appliance Holding Unit
This unit is provided with DIN guides (16 gangs subdivided into two line of 8) for the installation of protection devices and transparent cover (antireflection smoke-gray colored) equipped with spring lock and triangular wrench ensuring IP66 protection. An yale wrench is also available as an optional.

10 - Turret and stand
An handy kit for the installation of panel on a turret or stand is provided as an optional.

11 - Emergency Button
The lateral right side is ready for the installation of an emergency button.

Installation of Mbox2 on a turret




EN 61439-1
Low voltage switchgear and control gear assemblies.
Part 1: General rules.

EN 61439-2
Low voltage switchgear and control gear assemblies.
Part 2: Power switchgear and controlgear assemblies Remains Current.

EN 61439-3
Low voltage switchgear and control gear assemblies.
Part 3: Distribution boards intended to be operated by ordinary persons (DBO).

EN 61439-4
Low voltage switchgear and control gear assemblies.
Part 4: Particular requirements for assemblies for construction sites (ACS).





Protection degree IP66-IP65 (version with emergency button)

Operating temperature according to the reference standard -25°C +40°C

Maximum operating temperature 60°C

Dissipaple power according to CEI 23-49 standard - non disponibile -

Glow Wire test 650°C

Material Engineering plastic

Impact resistance: IK degree at 20°C IK08 - IK09

Total insulation Yes (Class II)





Saline solution Resistant

Acids Concentrated Limited resistance
Diluted Resistant

Bases Concentrated Limited resistance
Diluted Resistant

Solvents Hexane Not resistant
Benzol Not resistant
Acetone Not resistant
Alcohol Limited resistance

Mineral oil Limited resistance

UV rays Resistant




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ZP01000-GB-1 MBOX Series
Distribution assemblies
English 1,02 Mb

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MBOX Series

Distribution assemblies "Freedom of action"

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