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Italian Naval Registry

logo What is RINA?
It's one of the oldest institutions for the classification of merchant ships. Formed in 1861 is now recognized by more than 60 countries worldwide.

It works without profit in the marine industries such as shipbuilding, offshore and related technologies: construction products (mechanical, steel, electrical/ electronic) services.

The insitute has expertise and knowledge for the problems of the shipbuilding industry: controls and certifies ships.
Is also active in the field of certification in the industry and quality.

In the two roles of public and private, RINA is open to new horizons, offshore for first and installations immediately after, strictly in accordance with its principles of independence, authority and seriousness.


The services that RINA offers to industrial world are:

  • certification of offshore installations, petrochemical, chemical, to produce energy, etc.., infrastructure and port components (pressure tanks, cranes, power generators, building security and automation, etc.).
  • certification of personnel (welders, CND operators), processes (processes of welding, manufacturing, marine operations)
  • products
  • training
  • assistance to the various stages of design, qualification of suppliers, testing, manufacture, assembly and installation tests

Quality certification :

Quality Certification issued to a company certifies the compliance of its Quality System to the standards required by the regulations of the ISO 9000.

The RINA QUACER (Quality Service Certification) introduces into the enterprise, methods of verification and testing that allow to overcome the traditional concept of downstream control of the production process, replacing it with "managing the process".

This leads, through careful planning, to implement the logic of prevention based on a series of checks which involve not only the product but also the environmental risk and safety within the production site. The concept of quality is therefore to invest the final end product, and what can be produced during the manufacturing process in terms of their impact on micro and macro environment

The self-characteristic features of the concept of Quality, allows the Company to become a hero of himself by participating actively in the enhancement of its image, improving the quality of products or services, increase customer satisfaction.


RINA cooperates with this organizations:

  • CISQ - Quality Systems Italian Certification
  • IQNET - International Quality System Assessment and Certification Network

RINA is accredited:

  • SINCERT - National System for the Accreditation of Certification and Inspection Bodies

Visit: RINA (
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