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Italian Institute for the Quality Mark

logo Who is IMQ?
IMQ is the Italian testing and certification body for safety and quality of products and companies.
Built in 1951 by the will of the major scientific bodies and national experts from more than 50 years dealing with verification and certification of non-hazardous materials, electric and gas, subjecting the products to strict controls and continuous examination and authorization to use IMQ mark only those who are fully complying with safety standards and reliability.

logoAlongside this activity since 1988 IMQ manages the CSQ, a system of certification of management systems that the company has taken to confirm its strategic role in European and international level.


These awards from the public amministration in different areas, assign to IMQ the task to carry out conformity assessment activities in accordance with national legislation in the transposition of directives.

Its work addresses the following :

  • to companies and organizations involved in enhancing the quality of their products or their work
  • to the consumers that can have an immediate instrument of choice (the marks of safety and quality) of products and companies.


  • The IMQ certification body is accredited by SINCERT (National System for Accreditation of Certification Bodies) as the certifying body for the product both of the quality system of enterprises.
  • The testing laboratory is accredited by SINAL (National System for Accreditation of Laboratories) and by Ministry of Communications regarding the electromagnetic compatibility test.
  • Is empowered by the Ministry of Productive Activities for testing of electrical installations and lifts.

In Europe is a notified body for the main EU directives, in particular :

  • Low voltage;
  • Gas Appliances ;
  • Electromagnetic Compatibility ;
  • R&TTE;
  • Noise;
  • Yields on boilers;
  • Machines;
  • Lifts and safety components ;
  • Medical devices;
  • Toys;
  • Personal protective equipment .

Internationally enjoys numerous awards due to membership with international certification and participation of its experts in the work of regulatory and scientific technical committees:

  • IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission)
  • ISO (International Organization for Standardization)
  • CENELEC (European Committee for Electrotechnical Standardization)
  • CEN (European Committee for Standardization)

and meetings sponsored by associations of manufacturers of plumbing and committees operating at the ministries.

IMQ Mark

The electrical products certified with a seal of security, guarantee that the product complies with the requirements of the law, which was submitted by a third party to all necessary tests to verify compliance with all safety requirements before they are marketed, that the production company was under control and that production is subject to periodic surveillance by the certification to ensure the maintenance of quality standards


Therefore, the IMQ mark attests compliance of electrical products to the requirements of the CEI (Italian Electrotechnical Committee) or European or international. The categories of products covered under the IMQ mark shall be published in the Purchases Guide published by IMQ. 

Other certification bodies in Europe


L'IMQ cooperates with:

  • CESI - Italian electrotecnic experimental centre

International agreements

IMQ agrees to "Lum Agreement":

  • ENEC - European Norms Electrical Certification

agrees to Certification to the Harmonized Cables:

  • HAR - European Agreement on Common Mark for low voltage, insulated electric cables and cords



Linked documents:

  • See enclosure number 3 of:
    Legislative Decree 476/92

    Implementation of Council Directive 89/336/EEC of May 3 1989, relating to laws of the Member States relating to electromagnetic compatibility, as amended by Directive 92/31/EEC of Apri 28l 1992.
    December 4, 1992, n° 476


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