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1st February 2013

OPTIMA Series 63A-125A:
Industrial plugs and connectors

'EASY-PLUG' terminals


The reduction in plug-socket insertion and extraction forces was obtained thanks to the study of a new compression spring of the socket contact.
As illustrated in this graph, the reduction in the force was an average of 30% compared to the previous versions, in any event guaranteeing low contact resistance.
The materials of the pin and contact tube have different surface hardness so as to eliminate, during insertion and extraction operations, the layer of oxide that forms on the surface, thus improving contact smoothness and resistance while keeping them unchanged over time.

Extraction forces - 63A

Extraction forces - 125A

The axial incisions and the new compression spring of the socket contact with elasticity coefficient such as to keep insertion and extraction forces constant.

The nickel-plating of the socket contact combined with the special drawing and polishing process increase smoothness and ensure a higher number of contact points.

Thanks to their characteristic geometry, the new mantle terminals are suited to all types of conductors and terminals. They increase cable accessibility and contact surface, thus allowing higher tightening torques to benefit contact resistance and seal.

All gaskets are moulded directly on the cover and at the coupling point with the grip. Grip closing is by means of metric screws and metal inserts, making tightening easier and allowing for unlimited inspections and closings.

Contact holder in special technopolymer with fibreglass, featuring high heat resistance. Pilot contacts available as standard equipment on both plugs and sockets.

Entirely made with halogen-free materials, with excellent mechanical resistance to impacts, chemical substances and UV rays.


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