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SCAME PARRE obtains the ZE READY® validation from RENAULT

SCAME's charging stations for electric vehicles obtain compliance with Renault's ZE Ready® protocol

In recent weeks, Scame Parre completed all the procedures required to obtain Renault's ZE Ready® validation for the electric vehicle charging stations made by SCAME.

The ZE Ready® protocol is a document specifically created to ensure the application of standards accepted at the international level, on both electric vehicles and on the charging infrastructure, as well as to guarantee compatibility between vehicles and charging stations, through a series of tests.


Charging an electric vehicle


Hence, the ZE Ready® protocol makes it possible to cut down on the number of tests that must be carried out, as well as to obtain and share more quickly important feedback on compatibility and to guarantee users that all installed systems are working properly.


"This acknowledgement is an important step towards uniformity and utmost compatibility of charging devices" , explains Giorgio Gamba, product specialist at Scame, "and from this standpoint Scame continues to be committed to studying and developing complete and flexible solutions for charging electric vehicles of all types and power, taking advantage of decades of activity in the sector of supplying components and systems for electrical systems. Renault's acknowledgement confirms the value of the road undertaken and it is a strong stimulus to continue in this direction" .


Scame column for the
charging of electric vehicles


In addition to being ZE Ready® validated, all stations of the Scame LIBERA Series are also factory fitted to comply with the EV Ready® certification protocol, presented by Renault-Nissan Alliance, PSA Peugeot Citroën and Mitsubishi Motors, which is based precisely on the ZE Ready® protocol.


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