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...interview with Jean-Luc Coupez (SOBEM-SCAME)...



Located near Dijon , in the French region of Bourgogne , the SOBEM - SCAME company has been producing electrical assembly/wiring material for the building trade, industry and communities since 1955, pursing innovation with a more modern production line and the ISO 9001 certification.
The company sells its products through distribution networks of electrical equipment or vehicles, and its sales technicians, located throughout France , provide technical assistance to both private customers and communities.

This week, Avere-Franc, a professional association promoting the development of electric transportation and mobility, interviewed its Innovation and Communication Manager, Jean-Luc Coupez.

For how many years now have you been involved in electric mobility?

<< SOBEM - SCAME has been working for over four years in the sector of electric mobility. When I joined the company, the work group became even stronger thanks to my experience, such as participation in interdepartmental work groups and in groups on infrastructures with AVERE and BME, as well as my knowledge of manufacturers and distributors of electric vehicles. >>

What is your company's contribution to the area of electric mobility?

<< SOBEM - SCAME has been working for several years now in the electric recharging sector, on one side through its commitment with EV PLUG ALLIANCE, since it has been one of the three main players from the start of the project, and on the other thanks to the development of electric vehicle charging solutions. The peculiar nature of SOBEM - SCAME is interesting because, thanks to our production, it offers standard products and specifically develops solutions that meet its customers' needs through its production facilities. We have also invested with our partner Scame for type 3A and 3C socket, as well as for wall-mounting boxes and charging stations. >>

What kind of turnover do you expect to generate from activities associated with electric mobility in the upcoming years?

<< Electric mobility is in full expansion, and the vehicle-charging infrastructures duo is inseparable. The turnover that we will be able to generate is strictly related to the development of the markets for electric cars and plug-in hybrids. What we can say is that we have great plans and you will soon hear about these cases with famous names. >>

What are the main advantages of electric mobility?

<<The environmental approach. It is part of our uniqueness, with terminals that integrate the environmental dimension in the eco-designed car parts. I also think of the development of new markets for the recruitment and growth of our activity, as well as the creation of new jobs, resulting in new innovation characteristics in tomorrow's mobility and transportation sector. >>

What are the main obstacles to electric mobility, and how can they be eliminated?

<< The first obstacle is directly tied to the infrastructure/automobile duo. If there is no automobile, there is no infrastructure, and if there is no infrastructure, there will be no automobile. It is like the old story of what came first, the chicken or the egg! The second issue is the users' behaviour. Their first reaction is generally one of “electric cars are not for me”, but after analyzing their needs, both professional and personal, they realize that the electric vehicle can in fact be suited to their requirements. The third obstacle is the price of electric vehicles and the investments in infrastructures, not to mention the complexity of the situation and of the problems pertaining to charging station regulations. >>

Do you think that, one day, electric mobility will be the jewel in the crown of your communication?

<<This is already happening, as it is driving the company towards new worlds, new application and new needs in terms of automation, programming, management solutions and payment systems, networks ... in fact, innovation is the dynamics that guides society and men at all levels. >>

Can you give us your opinion on the future of mobility?

<<Difficult question. Fully electric or hybrid? That's the question. I believe that the development of electric vehicles is intended for companies, communities, people sensitive to environmental issues and for all those who have already tested electric mobility. However, we must also ensure the implementation of charging points in strategic locations. We are also constantly in touch with our customers expert on the subject, who are asking for plenty of advice>>

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