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05/04/ 2012

Automobiles with "zero emissions":
From Scame Parre, charging panels
for the vehicle fleet of BNL,

The Bergamo-based company, one of Europe's leaders in the sector of charging infrastructures for electric vehicles, has recently signed a contract for the supply of charging infrastructures for the electric vehicle fleet of BNL, BNP PARIBAS Group.
This initiative confirms the Bank's focus on the environment, and it is part of a wider strategy that BNL dedicates to Social Responsibility.

Peugeot iOn being charged

Scame Parre will equip the BNL's offices in Rome, Milan and Florence with the special panels from the LIBERA Series, specifically designed for the wall charging of electric vehicles, equipped with an intelligent connection system that allows recognition of authorized users and communication between vehicle and infrastructure, allowing the charging to take place only when all safety conditions are fully complied with.

The first vehicles to use the Scame Parre charging systems will be the fleet of the first ten iOn, Peugeot's 100% electric car with zero CO2 emission, perfect for heavy city traffic and for the service needs of the Bank's personnel.

Thanks to efficient management of the energy generated by its lithium ions battery, and to optimized energy recovery, both during the slowing down phase and during braking, the Peugeot iOn has an autonomy of 150 km . Through the charging stations, this car can be partially charged in less than 30 minutes , ready to be used again.

Scame "UB" consumer unit
specific for charging electric vehicles

In order to meet BNL's specific needs, Scame Parre has supplied an "ad hoc" solution for charging in private areas (company parking lot) that complies with all provisions pertaining to safety and integration between the mains and the automobile, provisions enacted by both the lawmakers and by European car manufacturers – in this case Peugeot – which require specific communication characteristics.

From the electric safety standpoint, Scame's products comply with all international directives. Moreover, thanks to the Type 3C connection socket , Scame is one of the few European manufacturers to reach the degree of protection defined in technical terms (IPXXD).

This is possible thanks to the presence of special shutters that prevent foreign bodies from entering the connector and which guarantee, like in the case of domestic charging, the same level of protection requested by regular domestic sockets.

Peugeot iOn in the wonderful setting of Piazza Vecchia in Città Alta (BG)

Peugeot iOn for BNL

Over ten years of experience on the market of charging infrastructures and its leadership in terms of safety of its products today allow Scame Parre to gain the trust of important commercial partners at the national and international level.

The company aims to be a totally reliable partner for the development of “turn-key” projects for charging stations in public areas, for domestic charging solutions, for software systems for connection and communication between vehicles and the mains, and for the supply of a complete range of connectors, capable of meeting all charging needs.

Charging station of electric
vehicles in public areas:
easy and safe!


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