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Optima reverse Mbox Night & day - Some additional items


What do people who work at a construction site or at a workshop, or at any other place where electricity is needed but is also often associated with precarious conditions, due to the specific type of workplace? Certainly a panel that minimizes connection jobs, and which is fully visible and carried easily. And so far no problem: the installer can satisfy the customer's needs with a wide range of products intended for this purpose and that, as an additional feature, allow for easy installation. Simply browse through Scame's rich catalogue to find the perfect solution to any problem.

Today, however, you can count on two specific and just as interesting solutions for higher productivity in the aforementioned workplaces.


Night work is certainly becoming more and more popular. We know how that works: construction sites often work through the night to finish the job on time. And at the workshop, lighting conditions are often insufficient. However, there is a solution to lighting problems: the MBox Night&Day range. The innovation consists in a luminosity photo-sensor installed in the panel thanks to which, at sundown or in any situation where the light that “hits” the panel diminishes, a high luminosity and very low consumption LED turns on, illuminating the compartments that contain socket outlets, switchgear and protection devices.



Mbox with Day&Night provides light in situations that would otherwise require the use of a torch or, in any event, an additional lighting source in order to connect, disconnect or see the status of the panel. Two solutions that are certainly not practical and are often not within easy reach. Just try to arrive at a camping ground at night with your RV and having to connect to the mains. If this solution is not available, you will certainly regret it.


Scame offers another interesting solution thanks to the Optima Reverse series. The problem – more common than you think – is the direction of rotation of an electric motor. As we all know, simply reversing the two phases will make the motor run in the opposite direction. Now imagine you have just wired a motor and then realize that it “rotates” in the wrong direction.



No harm done, for heaven's sakes, but you will need to rewire the entire thing: a small and bothersome waste of time that could have been spent doing more pleasant or profitable activities. What is the solution then? Simple: just use the socket outlets for industrial use included in the Scame Optima Reverse Series, featuring a built-in phase inverter.


The motor turns in the wrong direction? No problem: all you have to do is push in and turn the phase pin support with a screwdriver to obtain the right direction of rotation. This way, the installation runs like a charm.



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