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Trunking systems
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When renovating a building, either residential or commercial, one of the solutions that is increasingly used to adapt the electrical system to the new living or working situation is the one that features the uses of trunking systems. There is a system for everyone. It is no accident that over forty pages of the SCAME general catalogue are dedicated to this topic.

We are talking about the Wado series, which includes mini-trunking, skirting-trunking, cable and set housing trunking, slotted cable trunking, pipework trunking for air conditioning systems.

But why is this solution increasingly popular when renovating a building? There are excellent reasons for this, and we mention two of them: easy installation and, above all, excellent design.



The wide range of accessories, from T-joints to linear joints, from end adaptors to corners (internal and external and variable too), to plugs, allows for solutions suited to any complex environmental perimeter, overcoming corners, pillars and various obstacles found in the building, of which there is even more during renovations.

The slots in the trunkings means that different systems can be laid, including with different voltages or for different purposes (electrical distribution and data transmission or telephone system, for example).

We can also run along the floor with a sufficiently reduced thickness.

But there are other features that make the product attractive, and which should be carefully considered during the purchases. The mechanical strength, for example, which for the Wado trunkings, mini-trunkings, and slotted cable trunkings is equal to 2 J a –5 °C, and 1/2 J for the skirting-trunking of the same series. Moreover, you can choose the colour you like from the available ones, which are grey RAL 7035, white RAL 9003, anthracite and brown for the skirting-trunking of the same series.

The degree of protection is IP40. It is also important to choose products whose resistance to chemical agents is such as to ensure a safe and long-lasting use in the premises where they will be installed.

Lastly, it may also be useful to choose products that allow the system to be easily modified in the future: and so you can choose mini-trunkings with self-adhesive base, with wraparound cover (disassembly with tool) or standard cover (disassembly with no tool).

The fact that the products bear a prestigious trademark (IMQ) is a guarantee for their quality.

Today, air conditioning trunkings are also available on the market (and in the SCAME catalogue), which goes to show you how the installer's profession is becoming increasingly flexible.


The standards

The reference standards are the CEI 23-32 Trunking systems made of plastic insulating material and their fittings, to be used as cable and equipment holders for wall and ceiling mounting and the EN 50085-2-1 Cable ducting systems in plastic material and their fittings for skirting purposes.
Part 1: General prescriptions. In addition, for the slotted cable trunkings (also available in the Wado series) the reference standard is EN 50085-2-3 Cable trunking systems and cable ducting systems for electrical installations.
Part 2-3: Particular requirements for slotted cable trunking systems intended for installation in cabinets.


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