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Electricity in the kitchen

The restaurant sector uses technologies that are more and more advanced in order to provide food tied to tradition and nouvelle cuisine at the highest level. The kitchen, once consigned to the status of a room not to be visited for any reason, has become a temple where one can find practical equipment, cleanliness and safety. And all this certainly has an impact on the quality of food being served out in the restaurant hall. Proper electricity distribution, with equipment that in turn combine practicality and safety as well as, why not, design, helps better yet is crucial - to the achievement of good results in this sense.



A basic element

In the kitchen, socket outlets represent a crucial part of making sure that all electric kitchen tools are readily available. At the same time, however, they must not get in the way of kitchen personnel when they are not needed, so they have to be small.

One solution suited to the purpose at hand is the Scame Omnia series of interlocked-switch socket outlets. Thanks to Scame Omnia, the technician in charge of the electrical system in a kitchen different options available to him. Indeed, the versions supplied by the company cover a wide range of possibilities, from the wall-mounted to the flush-mounted version, from the version with a fuse holder base to the one without, up to versions with very low voltage and nominal current of 16, 32 and 63 A . All models comply with reference standards CEI EN 60309-1 e 60309-2 and bear the IMQ mark, as a guarantee of their quality.




Other characteristics

The material – technical polymer – ensures easy cleaning, certainly a very important aspect in the kitchen. And it is precisely the technical characteristics of this room that result in the need for a suitable Degree of Protection, which in the case of Omnia is IP44 or IP67. But, because of the room in question, we also have to be alert to collisions, and this is why Scam chose IK7 and IK8. It is equally important to be sure about the isolating voltage, in the specific case 500/690 V, and on the operating temperature, from –25 to + 40 °C , even if the maximum operating temperature is higher: + 60 °C . Fuses type gG 10,3x38 mm ensure protection against overcurrents.

But let's go back to the characteristics of the kitchen, where one can find salts, acids and bases, so the electrical system has to be able to withstand their attacks. It is no accident that Scame has designed Omnia in such a way that it resists saline solution, diluted acids, bases and mineral oils, as well as alcohol (although with lower resistance).

With regards to the installation, the technician can wire cables with section from 1.5 to 25 mm 2 , so he has a wide choice with which to satisfy different system requirements.

And lastly, focus on the customer: the grey RAL 7035 fits in perfectly in all types of environments, while the socket outlet cover, in blue or red, allow the socket outlet to be easily located.

A beautiful kitchen makes better-tasting food.



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