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The colour of products
Necessary and discreet

There are situations where the product has to be of top quality yet hidden from sight. In fact, this “discretion” may help to better appreciate the surrounding environment, so the product ends up sacrificing its own visibility to this end. We are talking about devices used in buildings where public shows are held, such as theatres or movie theatres for example. Here, the actual show is the one that is being put on, which must not be upset, if not for safety issues, by the sight of all those misleading technological components which are nevertheless necessary, in order to obtain the desired setting.



And all shows require ad hoc devices and components, plugs and outlets, boards, enclosures and so on, crucial for the successful outcome of the show, yet discrete as to their presence. The Scame catalogue contains interesting solutions that combine the aforementioned characteristics with the absolute need for safety arising from the type of places in which they may be installed, such as theatres, movie theatres, etc.

Just to give you a few examples, a proper installation may include black or opaque products, which are better suited for the purpose at hand. Or grey in order to stand out as less as possible from the surrounding environment. And who is to say that discretion is not a choice when it comes to domestic environments as well.



Only slightly visible?

Of course, the issue of colour totally changes if, on the other hand, the product has to be seen, for reasons of safety, or even to allow its design to be appreciated. Look through the Scame catalogue. The company has organized its products specifically in terms of the reasons listed above. Consequently, you will find bright and bold colours, for example plugs and outlets for industrial use, whose location must be immediately identifiable (Optima, Eureka, etc.) or where safety requirements result in the need to immediately locate the area where one can take action (Emergency series, with the bright red RAL 3000), or boxes (Wbox series) in a just as bold orange to simplify their search during system installations or changes to an existing system. A typical situation associated with the search of a device is the construction site: in this case, “bright” colours are crucial.



Grey, on the other hand, is the colour used the most for ducting and distribution boards, where it matches a smoky gray that allows the underlying control devices to be seen.


A third solution

Ducting systems are convenient, often for their use in commercial applications as well as for renovations, so their use has certainly increased. However, an additional choice is also available: the choice to paint them in the same colour as the walls. It does not get more discrete than that.


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