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Cable entry with insulation perforating terminals - Problem solved


You take a pair of scissors or the stripping pliers, you look at the cable and automatically, without even thinking about it, decide how much to strip back, and you go finish the job. Now the cable can be inserted in the terminal and tightened accordingly. This is by far the most insignificant part of the job, and the less gratifying. So, we should be thankful for the insulation-perforating technique, that cuts down on the time it takes to carry out this boring job, at the same time offering excellent results, similar if not better than manual results. If you want the highest wiring efficiency, this is the perfect solution for you, as it allows you to reduce the space taken up by cables inside the cabinet and improve the connection characteristics. And that's not a small thing.



Interesting solutions

The procedure is simple and the technology even more attractive if applied along with other innovative technical solutions that aim at safety, faster jobs and high-quality results. Let's take Scame's Optima Series plugs and sockets for industrial use for 16A versions as an example. They are extremely easy to connect to the cable. The insulation-perforating terminal made in phosphorous bronze with high elasticity closes on the cable without using any tool, automatically creating a perfect connection. Simply insert the isolated conductor into its housing and push the lever towards the centre oft the cylindrical housing of the plug or socket. Scame's solution also makes phase recognition simpler by means of terminals with different colours, a quick closing and opening system (Snap On) for the module hand grip that allows many openings and closings thanks to a stainless steel spring, an external cable stay with tulip-clamping that works as a cable gland with degree of protection IP66 and IP67.


Added safety

Lastly, the Optima series feature a special device called Safe-In that allows your final customers to work under even safer conditions: a shutter closes the input of the socket contact tubes, preventing accidental and voluntary contact of live parts with items such as screwdrivers or wires. So, you save time, do an excellent job, and the user is even safer. We can well say that the problem is solved.


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