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19th October 2011

How to combine safety and design

Until a few years ago, that was difficult, extremely difficult. Safety and design were two characteristics that were tough to combine in a line of products. So, those who needed a safe product often chose one that had little to do with design requirements. In return, design was used without a veritable integration of all the other product characteristics, including safety.


Times change

However, we are lucky to live at a time when these two properties, safety and design, are increasingly showing the need for integration, especially in the commercial and domestic sectors, where knowledgeable users do not want to miss out on anything. Not even when it comes to electrical supplies. There are many interesting examples from this standpoint.

One of the most significant ones is the Protecta Series by Scame: a range of switches and socket outlets whose job, as we said at the beginning, is to provide a strong union of safety-related problems and a shape that represents a valuable aspect for the home.

Starting from the Degree of Protection: Protecta offers IP 66 (totally and highly protected against dust and access with a wire, as well as against strong water jets similar to sea waves).

Actually, the domestic environment is a place where dangers can arise for various reasons, such as, for example, due to the presence of acids or bases or the fact that the home is located by the sea.

It is recommended for the installer to take these needs into due account and chooses equipment – like Protecta Scame – able to resist saline solutions, acids and diluted bases, solvents such as hexane and alcohol, and UV rays.

This is also safety, as well as convenience.


The requirements of domestic environments

But nowadays, the domestic environment features a particular differentiation with regards to the available functions. So we need to be able to use a range of products that can duplicate the same design styles throughout the home, by using switchgear, socket outlets, switch socket outlets, as well as a subsequent application disaggregation that considers the flush or wall mounting, value of nominal current, type of function (switches – single-pole, double single-pole, double-pole -, diverters, pushbuttons, socket outlets).

The characteristics

But let’s go back to the characteristics.
Do you want a cover that is easy to open? Here is a tab that does just that.
Do you want to be able to easily see inside? Here is a cover in clear smoky grey polycarbonate.
Do you want the cover to close perfectly after you insert the plug? No problem, this is also possible.
Do you also want to install a data transmission system? This is possible too. So, the highest installation freedom and flexibility, the same requirements as today’s modern electrical system. And the highest customer satisfaction.


A marriage that works

Or so it seems. With Protecta, combining safety and design works.


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