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7th September 2011

Electric vehicles:
Scame Parre offers the first IMQ-certified plug.

The first Italian connector to obtain this prestigious certificate.
The Bergamo-based company to supply Enel and A2A charging stations

Scame Parre has obtained the first «IMQ CSV» quality certificate for electric vehicles issued by the Istituto Italiano del Marchio di Qualità (Italian Institute for Quality Mark) for the LIBERA series connectors.

This is a distinguishing and qualifying element on the market, since the certification by a third party is not a mandatory requirement in the area of plugs for electric mobility purposes.

This is precisely why it confirms the company's focus on verifying its doings in terms of safety and quality.

In order to obtain the IMQ certification, the plug made by Scame Parre was subjected to a series of tests that basically concerned electrical safety, mechanical resistance, resistance to chemical and atmospheric agents and, specifically to rain and dust.


EV Plug Alliance
supports the
Italian standard

Electric cars are becoming more and more popular, although in Italy it concerns only a niche, also thanks to the efforts by Scame Parre, co-founder of EV Plug Alliance together with French giants such as Legrand and Schneider Electric.

The products made by the Parre-based company were selected for use on the Enel charging stations (installation jobs began last week in Milan, Pisa and Florence) and A2A charging station (for a project in Milan that also began this year).

The cooperation between IMQ and Scame Parre continues with the verification of other products intended for electrical mobility.

This also includes the "single-phase" version, used for Enel charging stations among other things.

«This product, already launched in 2001, is still valid from a technological standpoint for light vehicles - explains Giorgio Gamba, product specialist for the Libera series of connectors and charging stations for electric vehicles -. Since 2001, there has also been an evolution in electric vehicles that has required the introduction of connectors offering better performances, and this is why the "three-phase" version, also larger in size was developed

The market of electric vehicle charging connectors is still affected by the lack of an international standard.

EV Plug Alliance, sponsored by Parre and by the two French giants, Legrand and Schneider Electric, was set up a year and a half ago and continues to this day to provide support to the Italian standard for connectors. The Alliance has more than twenty members, in addition to the French giants

A German standard and a Japanese one are also in the running for the definition of an international standard.

Taken from
Eco di Bergamo
13 September 2011

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