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24th February 2011

«Insulation perforating terminals»
More haste, less speed.

The popular saying "more haste, less speed" is often invoked to indicate that it is difficult to do something quickly and do it well at the same time.

And yet this is a goal we often try to achieve when we install systems.
Time is money.

We want to do our work quickly and yet satisfy the customer, without having to be called back at some point in the future because something is not working. So, we need to use technologies that minimise our work yet still guarantee quality .


The quality of sockets

One of these technologies involves the installation of sockets and plugs.

Boring work, not very gratifying but necessary all the same, and any innovation aimed at reducing the work is welcome.

Take Scame's Optima sockets, for example, whose quick wiring is truly outstanding.

Let's see what we are talking about with a short description of the sockets.

Optima is a series of plugs and sockets made of halogen-free engineering polymer for industrial use, consisting of mobile plugs, flush-mounted plugs and mobile 16 and 32 A sockets with ratings of IP44, IP66 and IP67.

Nothing exceptional up to now, apart from the well-established quality of Scame. But a closer look will reveal a solution that we hinted at earlier - the quick and easy wiring .



So, how is the wiring done?

By simply inserting the wire into the special slot in the socket or plug and pushing the lever that contains it.

The terminal inside the lever perforates the insulation and makes the electrical connection (perfectly) to the conductive part of the socket and the plug.

There is no need to strip the wire.



We save time by not having to look for wire strippers in the tool box and we save time performing the operation, knowing that the operation was performed properly, with optimal results both aesthetically and functionally.


The perforating terminal is made of highly elastic phosphor bronze to ensure the best performance.



Other qualities

These are not the only conveniences offered by Optima (a name, a series).

Other timesaving, quality features include a cover that can be opened with one hand and slots in the IP66/67 sockets to facilitate and improve closure of the socket.

A "Snap-on" device guarantees the frequent opening/closing of the socket.

There is also an external cable stay with tulip clamping with IP66/IP67 cable gland functions that both protects the wire and prevents it from coming out.

And last but not least, a "Safe-In" device protects users from accidental or voluntary contact with the live parts of the socket by means of a shutter, which prevents them from inserting objects into the contact tubes.


As you can see,
you can do things quickly
and still do them well for yourself and your customers.

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