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21st January 2011

Panels ...
... for all tastes

"Quadro" (which means panel or painting, a play on words in Italian) - it's an easy word to say, but try throwing it into a casual conversation with friends when you are the only installer amongst them.

Everyone will probably think of something different but there is a good chance that most will think of a work of art.

Nevertheless, there are works of art amongst panels that you won't find on display in contemporary art galleries (and you will certainly find them in these places too but, discreet as they are, they will be in a corner somewhere hidden from view).

We are talking about electrical service panels, which are indispensable for the optimal supply of the electricity that will provide an equally optimal view of the (more famous) works of art, but which are found in the most disparate of places ranging from construction sites, shops and camp sites, and indeed, anywhere that is reached by electricity.

It wasn't by chance that we described these objects as "works of art", and even installers are not exempt from looking at them admiringly after they have completed their work.


A complete series

You just have to look at Scame's MBOX, MEGA, DOMINO, BLOCK, GOMMA, TRANSFORMER, MOBIL and SALVAMOTORE panels to see that there is an entire collection of works of art, each with a variety of components used for a variety of purposes.


MBOX Series
BLOCK3 Series


The MBOX Series

Take the MBOX Series, for example,
which includes industrial 16, 32 and 63 A sockets with different types of inlet and outlet protection devices (differential and general). If the installer needs a panel with a terminal board or a plug - no problem.

The terminal board may be a 2P+T or 3P+N+T, whilst the inlet unit with plug is also equipped with 2P+T and 3P+N+T poles with 16, 32 and 63 A currents.

The MBOX Series features interlocked outlets with fuses - which can be installed with a terminal board or a plug, each one offering a variety of possibilities such as IP66, emergency button, different currents, etc. - interlocked outlets without fuses, etc.

There are MBOX panels specifically designed for camp sites, with interesting installation elements such as trestles, fastening kits, etc.

An automatic LED device connected to a photosensor has now been included to illuminate the compartments containing the outlets and safety and control devices in poor outdoor lighting conditions.

Scame's MEGA Series also offers interesting verions depending upon the outlet current, the terminal boards available, the type of inlet unit and terminal boards.


BLOCK 4 Series
GOMMA Series



Other series

The DOMINO Series offers smaller service panels (but no less performing) in portable and wall-mounted versions with a variety of outlets.

Scame also offers the BLOCK 3 and BLOCK 4 series (with three or four outlets, respectively), the GOMMA Series, the MOBILE Series (whose folding trestle provides perfect mobility), and the SALVAMOTORE unit.


A complete collection

At this point, if you happen to talk about panels in your imaginary conversation with friends, thanks to Scame you too can cite a collection, indeed a beautiful collection.



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