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21st September 2010

«ADVANCE 2 Series»
Where a lock is needed

The wide range of applications for wall-mounted sockets is remarkable: including uses in workshops, assembly lines and building sites, just to mention a few, but the list goes on and on.
In any case these are all areas where a proper analysis of the environmental conditions is important in order to ensure the long-lasting performance of the sockets themselves.

One of the first things to consider is precisely the type of processing being carried out in the area.
The presence of acids, bases, solvents, oils, UV radiation or saline solutions is a primary discriminating factor in the selection of the wall-mounted socket.

For example, the standard ADVANCE 2 Series by Scame - wall-mounted sockets with locking device - withstands the presence of diluted acids and bases, UV radiation, mineral oils and saline solutions quite well, but it also has a limited resistance to alcohol and concentrated acids and bases.

However, if a higher resistance is required, the ADVANCE 2 HD solutions can be used which allow greater resistance even in the presence of hexane and alcohol, in addition to offering moderate resistance to benzene.

Clearly the pre-installation phase, consisting of a meeting - or at least some form of communication - between the customer and installer is essential in order to understand the real requirements resulting from what goes on in the environment.

A car repair shop


Which socket should be installed

Of course the professional's job doesn't finish here.
Once the use of the environment has been fully evaluated, this important professional figure is then responsible for advising the customer on the type of socket to install: in fact, various type are available (citing the Scame catalogue):

  • with or without fuse-holder base
  • with 6-module DIN guide

Furthermore, the cable entry condition should also be evaluated.

In this regard we find (in the Scame catalogue) "compact" or "large" versions from 16 to 32 A with various types of M25 and M20 entries, or a "large" 63 A version with an M40 threaded on the upper wall and 3 punched marks for M20-M22 on the lower wall and one rear punched mark.

The ADVANCE 2 Series by Scame


Technical characteristics

The technical characteristics of the switches must also be taken into consideration, including the rated insulation voltage, impulse withstanding voltage, UL rated current, IEC rated current, etc.

In this regard we'd like to recall some abbreviations:

  • AC21A:
    resistive loads including moderate overloads;
  • AC22A:
    mixed resistive and inductive loads including moderate overloads;
  • AC23A:
    switching of motors or other high inductive loads;
  • AC3:
    starting squirrel-cage motors and stopping them after the motor is up to speed;
  • DC21A:
    resistive loads including moderate overloads;
  • DC22A:
    mixed resistive and inductive loads including moderate overloads.

One last thought should be given to the type of cables (rigid or flexible) to be used.

The ADVANCE GRP Series by Scame



Even under 50 V

Finally, it should be noted that some applications require wall-mounted sockets with locking devices for voltages below 50V.

There are three versions available in the Scame ADVANCE 2 catalogue:

  • one with a compact SELV transformer, 230/24V
  • a second version with a "large" transformer, also 230/24V, and
  • a third version with 6-module DIN guide.


When making the choice, it's clear:
the installer is indispensable;
just like a good read-through of the Scame catalogue.


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