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12th July 2010

«Emergency control»
One touch, and we're safe

If something can go wrong, paraphrasing Murphy’s law, sooner or later it will.

Without being catastrophists, when realizing electrical systems it’s necessary (and required by current Standards, such as EN 60947-5-1) that we take into consideration possible inconveniences which force the interruption of operation of the system itself.

In this regard the emergency control, often with its characteristic mushroom shape, is essential, even though it can be installed in many different ways.


The solutions

By way of illustration, it’s possible to use a direct control on the power circuit composed of an automatic differential magnetothermic switch (modular or boxed, you decide, choosing for example from the vast range of products in the COMMAND Series or TOP22 Series).

Another working hypothesis is that of using a device which acts, in turn, on the control circuit.

This solution also allows its own separated extra-low voltage power supply (SELV).

Regarding this solution, cut-outs are available on the market with minimum-voltage release coil, operated by a push button with normally-closed break contact.

However, in the case of a power outage, this solution entails an undesired intervention of the emergency stop button.

This is why there are solutions available which use a backup battery.

Another solution uses the circuit breaker with current-triggered release coil, operated by a push button with normally-open make contact. Nevertheless it’s important to remember that this solution is allowed only if there is a light signal which indicates the state of the circuit.



Where to install them

And, coming back to system safety, it's best to clarify that the standards provide for use of emergency controls in places like hotels (including motels, farm holiday inns, boarding houses, etc.) with an accommodation capacity of more than 25 guests.

They are also compulsory in elevators and freight lifts which travel more than 20 m above ground and are installed in buildings more than 24 m tall.

Other areas which require emergency controls are garages, multi-storey car parks, auto repair shops and car showrooms.

And they are also compulsory in large companies and offices, MV/LV substations, quarries, mines and building sites.

From this point of view a look through the Scame catalogue, particularly the MBOX Series assembled panels for work sites, can be a useful suggestion for any installer who has aesthetics as well as safety at heart.

Finally, as you probably already know, it’s typically best to position the control outside the room to be protected, at the right height and in a location which is always accessible and visible, even after the customer has furnished the room


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