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29th May 2010

SCAME PARRE welcomes our Foreign Branches in the Annual Meeting

How can we welcome our Branches from all over the world in our Italian offices?

How can we mix different languages and cultures? How can we blend lively and traditional South America in with the new policy of Eastern Europe, or merge the European aristocracy of France, Spain and England with the emerging markets of China and the Middle East?

The Scame team, composed of Marketing and Foreign Affairs, answered these questions by organizing a sort of prelude to the company meeting, proposing two days of mountain trekking for all our Foreign Branch collaborators, a true outdoor session with the goal of getting to know one another better in an open, informal and fascinating environment.

The weekend was spent in a pleasant melting pot in the Valtellina mountains, with a stopover in Bormio and a ride on the Bernina Express, the characteristic red train passing through one of the most spectacular alpine crossings. A journey through 55 tunnels, across 196 bridges and using gradients up to 7% which the picturesque Rhaetian Railway carriages covered with complete agility. The route between Thusis and Tirano was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in the summer of 2008 and the line celebrates its 100th anniversary precisely in 2010.

From Tirano the group reached Pontresina, at a height of 1773 meters and then went trekking on the Bernina ice.

The weekend, spent enjoying the friendly atmosphere and suggestive surroundings with the weather smiling on us, created the right ambience to give the subsequent meeting a charge of enthusiasm resulting in remarkably positive and constructive involvement.

After the welcome address delivered by the President, Giovanni Scainelli, and the opening of the works by Export Manager Mauro Tosi, great interest was reserved for Scame's new products, presented by the marketing engineers under the guidance of Eng. Camilli: the Advance GRP Series (Glass Reinforced Polyester) - industrial sockets in thermoset material with outstanding strength, the Protecta Series - controls and domestic sockets with IP66 protection even with the plug inserted, the LIBERA Series - connectors and distribution boards for electric vehicles.

Space was also dedicated to acknowledging the Scame SK (Slovakia), Scame UK (England) and Scame Argentina branches.

The second day was spent covering commercial and marketing subjects, with illustrations of promotional activities and the resources available for publicity as well as brand and company values communication.

At the closing of the meeting President Giovanni Scainelli emphasized his complete satisfaction in this meeting which was so well organized and in which all the Branch collaborators participated with great interest and dynamism.


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