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27th April 2010

Even Scame will be at the
World Cup in South Africa

The 2010 FIFA World Cup has reached its 19 th edition and, for the first time in history, this spectacular event will be hosted by an African country.

Investments, stadiums, infrastructure and security: South Africa is now ready to host the 2010 Football World Cup which opens on June 11th.

Ten official facilities have been completed to provide a venue for the numerous matches, among which the " Moses Mabhida Stadium " in the city of Durban.

And this is precisely where we'll find SCAME which, thanks to the collaboration of the Electromechanica LTD Firm, has supplied the OMNIA Series industrial sockets installed on the hidden VMR turrets of the Durban stadium.

Eng. Camilli, the technical marketing director, and the area manager Carlo Castelli visited the Stadium to verify the installation of the Omnia sockets in person.

SCAME has already won it's own personal world championship by guaranteeing this structure the safety and reliability of its made-in-Italy products.



PhotoStory ...

What's Engineer Camilli of Scame Parre doing at the Durban Stadium which will host the 2010 Football World Cup semi-finals?

Now Scame area manager
Carlo Castelli
takes the field
Looking for an easy win?

The mystery is underground,
just lift the VMR srl
manhole and.
... the mystery is unveiled: down underneath there's the Scame OMNIA Series, installed by Electromechanica.
A nice close-up for this special application of the compact socket used for the eagerly awaited South African event.

See you
in JUNE 2010!



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