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17th February 2010


Modular and sectional are two terms we hear often: they represent two essential characteristics for a product line, and not only in the electrical sector.

These characteristics are often very important for the installer, since they simplify his work and make the final result more attractive.

But is this always the case?

Do all products have these characteristics?

Sistema OMNIA
The OMNIA System

A clear concept

Lets begin by examining the meaning of the concept.

In the Zingarelli dictionary, we find that the term “module” is defined as a:

“part, portion, division of an organic whole, conceived as separate and divisible, especially with reference to electronic equipment…”.

And the term “sectional” represents something:

“that can be joined or placed next to one another in order to obtain a similar item with larger dimensions and often of multiple use”.

Sistema ADVANCE 2
The ADVANCE 2 System

It’s difficult to apply these definitions in our typically electrical / plant engineering circle.
And looking in another dictionary doesn’t help.

These just don’t seem to be definitions that give a clear idea of the concept.

And yet the installer who knows what he’s doing just has to browse through a catalogue to immediately understand if a particular product line has these ever-so-useful characteristics.

Try it sometime.

The DOMINO System


You just need a catalogue

Take the Scame catalogue and look through the section on Systems and components for electrical installations.
You’ll find, for example, the DOMINO, ADVANCE 2 and OMNIA Systems.

Sistemi SCAME

ADVANCE 2 System OMNIA System DOMINO System


Needless to say, these are integrated systems for electrical installations that can be used to create watertight electrical distribution and branch systems

And, obviously, these are three modular systems.

It’s clear right away, there’s no need to find it written anywhere or read the definition.

Every illustration is worth more than a written definition. And if the illustrations aren't enough, just try it!

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- Documentation: Depliant "INTEGRATED Systems" (.pdf file) [746 kb]
- Products: DOMINO System
- Products: ADVANCE2 System
- Products: OMNIA System




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