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30th October 2009

Do we need to adapt?
"The use of temporary power outlet adapters"

This happens all the time, in fact, especially when working with different power tools such as drills, flexible conduit, portable lamps, saws, etc.

And it happens in many places too, including construction sites, workshops and in industry in general.

What are we talking about?

We're talking about the problems involved in connecting power tools to the power supply.

This is due to the age-old problem of the sheer variety of sockets and plugs available today, and this problem - the root cause of which is difficult to resolve (have you ever heard of any attempts to reduce the number of sockets in Europe, and do you have any idea just how many there are throughout the world?) - leads to a great deal of time wasted looking for solutions, not to mention frayed tempers as a result.

The places where this happens are by definition not particularly well-ordered, which adds to the problem of the different plugs found on power tools.

So what do we do?

Well, as you well know, we end up using power outlet adapters whose job is to let you to plug power tools with non-standard plugs into the existing sockets.


Household adapters


We haven't even talked about adapters for other uses which, besides the power outlet adapters described above, include configuration adapters, current adapters and phase inverters.

Configuration adapters allow you to plug into tripolar sockets with neutral to obtain a three-phase power supply without neutral to connect to currents that require this configuration.

Current adapters allow you to use 32A sockets for 16A currents.

Lastly, phase inverters allow you to invert the sequence of phases in a motor to reverse the direction of rotation.


Industrial adapters


As you can see, these operations are performed on an occasional basis but they require special adapters. It is a bit like using an automatic translation system - you don't know the language but you can quickly and effectively get by when you need to.

Quickly and effectively are fine but you also need to be careful.

A good catalogue (have a look at Scame's catalogue) will provide additional important information about the type of adapter, its use and whether it is only temporary, the voltages, protection level, existence of emergency switches or safety devices, etc.

Because in the places described above the optional power tools are important but not mandatory, but safety is never an option.


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