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15th October 2009

You don't need to break through any walls
(if you use a conduit)!

One of the reasons we tend to put off ad infinitum doing certain jobs around the house is not because the job itself is that hard, it is all the other "stuff" that goes with it that is such a nuisance.

This is certainly the case with some electrical jobs such as installing a new socket a few metres from the existing one or installing a new switch in a more suitable location.

This procrastination is not just confined to the home - it can also extend to the office, the service sector and industry in general. Just the thought of cleaning up the mess from creating the conduit in the wall and then later the room(s) is plenty reason to put off doing anything.

This is why we see many of our customers up to their necks in an inordinate amount of ugly (and probably not very safe) extension cords running along the walls of their home or office, trying to hide them but not quite succeeding.


Scame Conduit
WADO Series

But there is a solution.

You can recommend that your customers install a conduit.

There are lots of different types of conduit and these days the catalogues from the best firms such as Scame carry them in all shapes and sizes: conduits for the wall, skirting board, floor, wiring ducts, etc.

You can tell your customers that you can use the same conduit by compartmentalizing it to run different types of circuits through, you can conduct a future inspection of the system, you can combine the conduit with household equipment, and you can easily modify the system in the future.

These are very persuasive claims.

You are also well aware that the accessories included will allow you to create very attractive-looking internal and external angles, shunts, etc.

They can also be painted white or varnished if necessary.

And if ever the system needs to be redone in the future, the owner will not hesitate to award you the entire job (including the in-wall conduits).

In the meantime, however, the system functions and looks good as it does thanks to the conduit. 


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