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30th April 2009

Scame, the environment and the ISO 14000 standards
«Environmental protection from Scame as well»


The high level of attention Scame gives to the environment has always been part of the company policy and philosophy, due also to the particularly beautiful natural context in which Scame is integrated.

In fact, the ecological conscience of the Scainelli family has led Scame to maintain conformity with all applicable legal prescriptions and other requirements in relation to its own environmental aspects, as well as to strive for continual improvement aimed at reducing environmental impact while pursuing a Customer-centered policy by meeting expectations and satisfying needs.

ScameFrom these premises emerges the company's desire to establish, maintain, document and put into practice an Integrated Management System for Quality and the Environment.

Scame is UNI EN ISO 9001 and UNI EN ISO 14001 certified, and therefore compliant with the respective standards, for the design and manufacturing of electrical material for installation in public and industrial applications, accessories for electrical installation by means of working plastic materials, machining, nickel plating and assembly.

The certification process begins with the company being in conformity with current laws on quality and respect for the environment, followed by the requirement for the company to set up a virtuous circle of continuous improvement of its environmental performance over time and full-circle management of the environmental impact related to its activity.

The regulations concern various environmental aspects that each company must comply with, such as authorizations for emissions into the air and water (liquid and gaseous substances), as well as the limitation of acoustic emissions, waste management and control of greenhouse gases.

Compliance with the standards constitutes a solid base for implementation of an environmental management system according to the standard UNI EN ISO 14001.

The ultimate aim of this sensitivity and proper management is to meet current needs without compromising those of future generations.



ISO 14000
Environmental Management Systems

The regulatory instrument available to companies for improving the environmental management of their business, products and services is represented by the international standards of the ISO 14000 series formulated to provide:

  • a practical guide for the implementation and improvement of an environmental management system;
  • instruments for assessing specific aspects of the company's environmental management;
  • principles and practical indications for providing information on the environmental aspects of products and services



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