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15th April 2009

Motor cut-out:
Why install it?

Scame A well-known on-line universal encyclopedia defines a motor cut-out as "the device capable of signaling the overload condition or malfunction of a motor and automatically cutting off the power supply".

In summary, the encyclopedia then explains that mechanical motor cut-outs are fuses and proposes an additional subdivision concerning electromechanical motor cut-outs external to the motor (thermic or magnetothermic) or internal to the motor (PTC thermal switch, i.e., with a positive temperature coefficient).

The on-line dictionary of a leading publisher defines it as a " System of protection for electric motors that cuts out the power supply circuit in the case of strong voltage variation ".

'Great disorder under Heaven', as the old saying goes.



In the photo
the Scame motor cut-out unitScame

Actually these are special magnetothermic switches intended precisely for the protection of motors and often used to manually start the motors as well as to build starters in which the motor cut-out acts as a protection and disconnecting device.

When purchasing, close attention must be paid to the product's characteristics, starting from the current settings and breaking capacity.

Some start-stop units available on the market include a protection with motor cut-out devices and offer IP55 protection.

These start-stop units, particularly suited for construction sites, cranes, cement mixers, circular saws, etc., provide functional control (start and stop) of the motor, emergency stopping, overload protection, minimum voltage release and the impossibility to restart the machine in the event of a power failure.

Furthermore, the operating current can be adjusted based on the power of the motor being operated.

Top safety!

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