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With our commitment in the field of a new type of mobility, Scame has adopted the logo "EcoMOBILITY", a brand name dedicated exclusively to the Libera series. This logo represents the complete green range of the Scame corporate brand, in fact it is a distinctive mark of the Libera project. Scame's logo "EcoMOBILITY" will accompany and strengthen the company brand and will be used for all communication and Scame products in the field of electrical mobility.



Electrical charging stations, intelligent connecting systems, software for communication between vehicles and the electrical network, smart grids and most of all safe and guaranteed connectors. It's a young and innovative market introducing a new idea of sustainable mobility that can guarantee a simple and safe charging systems.

This is the scenario in which SCAME has been operating for more than 10 years, a pioneer in a market about to explode. The efforts of the company to provide infrastructures and recharging components for electrical cars was first created at the end of the nineties. SCAME immediately recognized the chance to develop a new idea of compatible eco mobility in cities and reduce to a minimum the impact on the environment.

In order to reach this aim SCAME began to design and develop its first connector for charging electric cars, an initial prototype for small vehicles and motor vehicles that was completely new in terms of production and standardization.

This commitment has permitted SCAME to be among the top of this market segment in an emerging market. In fact, thanks to the work done in those first few years, SCAME has been a member of Italian and International committees (CEI, CENELEC, IEC), responsible for identifying and standardizing materials and has had an important role in defining the first national standard (CEI 69-6) for recharging Connectors and Systems for electric vehicles on the road.

Despite the commitment of car and car components manufacturers, the electric car market in these years has struggled to take off, mainly because of the high costs of transferring to the new system of mobility both in terms of car parking and of charging infrastructures.


In the last two years however, the impulse of new trends linked to energy saving and to renewable sources and problems relative to pollution in cities, the subject of electrical cars has become, once again, a strong current issue and SCAME has renewed its efforts by introducing a new series of connectors called LIBERA to the market. A safer and more evolved series that enables connection for recharging and informed communication between the vehicle and the charging infrastructure.

The technological solution offered by SCAME'S connectors is characterized by shutters that stop any accidental contact with live parts or insertion of external bodies, a feature which makes the connector safer compared to alternative solutions offered by the market.

The SCAME connector can reach a leveI of IPXXD protection which is already in accordance with national standard regulations in 12 European countries where safety standards for electrical installations in domestic environments have been defined and, consequently, also the domestic charging structures for vehicles. Therefore, SCAME'S solution, thanks to the presence of shutters, can guarantee the same level of protection required by both normal domestic sockets and the domestic charging of vehicles.




Ev Plug Alliance

With a view to standardizing regulations at an International level, SCAME together with some of the most important European companies in the electrical sector like LEGRAND and SCHNEIDER, founded the EV PLUG ALLIANCE in March 2010 in Paris. The aim of this association is to promote a single European charging infrastructure for electric cars to the market based on the connecting solution proposed by SCAME. As far as standards and regulations are concerned, the electric car sector includes many different players and it is therefore necessary to standardize solutions in order to gain maximum flexibility in the market.







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