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A potential market


All possibilities for strong development of electric vehicles are in place, the major car manufacturers are moving in this direction and the public's attention is increasingly more focused on forms of trans sport that respect the environment. By 2012 charging stations for cars should already be installed.


There are already existing models of electric cars on the market for the coming years::

•  Deloitte: by 2020 electric and hybrid cars will count for a third of total sales in developed markets and 20% in urban areas in emerging markets.

•  ACEA (European Association of Car Manufacturers): from 2020 electric cars will occupy between 3% and 10% of the market.

•  Roland Berger : 3 million electric and hybrid plug-in cars in 2020 equal to 20% of the total market (Europe).

•  Accenture : a survey carried out on more than 1800 consumers in Italy, Germany, France, United States and Canada shows that 60% of the people interviewed would choose a hybrid or electric car rather than one that runs on petrol as long as the new vehicle is comparable and superior in terms of a comfortable drive, performance, style and maintenance. The survey also showed that 43% of those interviewed (in Italy the percentage jumped to 62%) intend to buy a hybrid or electric car in the next two years.

•  Istituto Swg: More than 70% of Italian motorists would be willing to buy an electric car. One out of ten would buy one if it was already on sale.

•  54% asked for ample mileage autonomy and more charging points, 45% would like public incentives introduced and 40% would expect the electric vehicles to cost the same as vehicles on sale today.


Even today 60% of Italians would be able to recharge their cars without leaving the house, from their garage for example. In 5 to 6 years, when car producers begin production on a large scale, prices will level with traditional car prices and the only set back will be the leasing costs of the batteries.

It's the new lithium batteries that have released the enthusiasm for electric motoring. Today lithium batteries are capable of containing energy up to 140 watts per hour per kg, nothing compared to the 13000 watts per hour of a liter of petrol, but enough to guarantee an autonomy of over 100 km: a sufficient distance to cover the daily needs of a European motorist which, in 80% of cases, is lower than 50 km.

Even today there are niche markets that make good use of electric cars, e.g. commercial vehicles for for loading and unloading good in cities, company fleets, taxis, vehicles for getting around historical centres, car sharing vehicles etc, and by favouri


ng these niche markets economies, on an industrial scale, can be created that could rapidly lower the costs of production of electric vehicles.


Car use in Europe: daily distances



Electric vehicles seem to be particularly suited to daily travel within a certain number of kilometres, but evidently the popularity of these vehicles may be hindered by psychological and social factors such as:.. "and if at some point I need to get from Milan to Rome?", even if the question asked was how often the person went from Milan to Rome by car, the answer could well be, never.







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