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Italian Electrotechnical Committee

logo What is CEI?
Established in 1909, the IEC is the Italian organization that deals with rules and unification in electrical engineering and electronics at the national level .

Main objective
Its task , as the only national organization to establish the security requirements that need to have the materials , machinery, equipment , electrical systems and policies to achieve these requirements ( EC Directive 83/189, transposed by Law No. 317 of 1983) .

With the Presidential Decree on 11 July 1967 n.822 the CEI has been recognized as a private association with legal personality .

The status of the IEC was approved in the final version , with the decree of the president of the republic on 9 september 1972 n.837.



  • AEI - Associazione Elettrotecnica Italiana
  • ENEL - Ente Nazionale per l'Energia Elettrica
  • ANIE - Associazione Nazionale Industrie Elettrotecniche ed Elettroniche

Of law:

  • CNR - Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche
  • vari Ministeri


  • May be admitted by the Council 's public or private entities interested in the activities of the IEC that they make a formal request .
    Scame is an active member of the CEI .

Mark IEC

Mark CEI is applied to products covered by the Council of the IEC under the full responsibility of the manufacturer .
This mark indicates that the product meets the relevant IEC standards .
The IEC marking may be affixed to the units not included in the list of devices allowed under the Italian Institute of Quality Mark (IMQ).

CEI standards

All IEC standards and publications are protected by copyright law (Law No. 633 April 22, 1941 and subsequent amendments ) .
It's forbiddentheir reproduction, even partial , of any format , without authorization by the IEC .

Normalizes body

The IEC is divided into panels, technical issues and technical standards and dimension tables in the electricity sector on the basis of an agreement with the CNR .

Recognized by the state as a body normalizer , this effect has been reported in other countries of the Commonwealth Ministerial Decree on 15 december 1978.

The IEC is the national committee that represents Italy in international forums :

  • IEC - Comitato Elettrotecnico Internazionale
  • CENELEC - Comitato Europeo di Normalizzazione Elettrotecnica
  • CEE - Comunità Economica Europea

Agrees to Community work for the establishment of standards .

It is flanked to UNEL ( Electrical and Electronics Unification) from which it derived IEC - UNEL tables .

Collaborate with UNI (Italian Organization for Standardization ) for the drafting of rules and tables of mutual interest.

CEI is a member of:

  • SINAL - Sistema Nazionale di Accreditamento dei Laboratori di Prova

Visit: CEI (
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