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Identifica los productos compatibles con el pre-perforados envolventes SCAME!

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Quick guide
The first screen shows the enclosures compatible with the SCAME products.
Selecting the enclosure shows the list of all the products compatible with the SCAME enclosure selected.
In the left menu there is the opportunity to refine your search to suit your needs: Number of poles, degree of protection, rated current, etc. ...
To configure the enclosure selected, select the draft framework of the product and click on the active areas highlighted in green.
Once you have selected all the products that you need on the enclosure the configuration is complete.
Under the configured enclosure you find the button to cancel the search, to clear the enclosure and print the enclosure.
Once you have clicked on print enclosure the pdf of the configured enclosures is generated.
And here is the pdf generated with the products you requested, including the price of various products.




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